My Why

My Why

When I was pregnant with my first child, a close friend gifted me a set of pregnancy prayer cards. They were colored cards with scripture and prayers printed on them. These were one of the most meaningful and unique gifts I had ever received. Each week I looked forward to reading the next card and praying over my unborn child. I had a frame I displayed them in and placed them prominently on my dining room table. I would walk by them multiple times in a day, and it helped me get in a positive mindset about my pregnancy and practice the habit of praying for my child - Every. Single. Day. 

The truth is, these cards came to me as a gift at the perfect time. I had been a Christian since my childhood, yet in my early adulthood I had fallen out of the habit of reading my Bible and communing with the Lord in prayer each day. What a perfect time to focus on my faith! In the midst of a major life change - growing our family - I was able to put in place rhythms and routines for my prayer life that I would then share with my own children. Amen!

This was such a life changing and meaningful gift to me that I wrote and designed a set of prayer cards to share with others during their own pregnancy journeys. It was important to me that I:

  • Wrote concise, yet meaningful, content to read over each day in passing.
  • Designed beautiful watercolor images of flowers and foliage to add color to your home.
  • Used premium, thick paper that would last through multiple pregnancies.
  • Printed the cards locally to support our community.

My sincere hope is that busy parents-to-be will find these simple weekly prayer prompts a refreshing and easy way to stay in constant prayer for their children and that it will make a profound impact on their lives.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for this opportunity to get to share about the power of prayer. 
Today I pray for all those growing families…

  • For the family wanting to grow, but experiencing infertility - Lord, please help to calm anxieties and grant them comfort in trusting You have a profound plan for their lives. 
  • For the family with an unplanned pregnancy - Father, I lift up those who are afraid of or surprised about having a child, and I pray that you would give them confidence and peace. Please put godly counselors into their lives to help give reassurance in their hearts and provide support along the way. 
  • For all families with a little one on the way - God, I pray for those sweet babies. May they be healthy and perfect in your sight. I also pray for those parents-to-be. Lord, I ask that you will bless them with joy, peace and patience. As they enter this new life as a family, help them to follow the model of parenting designed by You. 


Hi, I’m Lisa, the founder of Autumn & Annie. If you’re new here, welcome to One Million Prayers! This is our blog where I share prayers, inspiration, scripture, and a little bit about myself. God has put a passion in my heart to share about the power of prayer with YOU!

I’m on a mission to create meaningful gifts inspired by God's Word. You can find our prayer card sets for pregnancy and baby’s first year available on our websiteAmazon & Etsy.

One of the best gifts you can give is the gift of prayer.

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