Praying for Obedience

Praying for Obedience

I was recently driving in our neighborhood when I saw a woman out sweeping leaves from her driveway. This normally wouldn’t have caught my attention, except that it was incredibly windy that day and right in the peak of the leaf-falling season. 

Woman sweeping leaves

“What must she be thinking about,” I wondered. 

Sweeping the leaves surely must have felt like fruitless work. Leaves were literally blowing back onto the driveway as she was sweeping. 

Sometimes I can feel that way in my faith. “What’s the point?” “Showing love and kindness to this individual isn’t going to produce any fruit…” “Praying for this individual (for years) hasn’t worked…”

But I believe God's plans are bigger than what I can see. While my obedience in kindness or prayer may seem futile sometimes, God uses those things to benefit His kingdom - sometimes in ways that I can see and other times in ways that I can’t. 

The truth of the matter is that one simple act of kindness has the potential to create a generational impact. You may not see it today. But generations to come may benefit from it. 

Stay steadfast in your obedience to God. Don’t let the leaves blowing in your life discourage you. 

Won’t you pray with me?


Dear Heavenly Father,

As I reflect on the simple act of a woman sweeping leaves in the wind, I am reminded of the sometimes seemingly fruitless efforts in my own faith journey. There are moments when doubt creeps in, questioning the impact of my actions.

Lord, help me to trust in Your greater plan, even when I cannot see immediate results. Just as the woman persisted in sweeping leaves despite the wind, grant me the strength to remain steadfast in my obedience to You. May I not be discouraged by the leaves blowing in my life – the challenges and uncertainties.

I pray for the faith to continue showing love and kindness, knowing that these acts may have a ripple effect beyond what I can perceive. Your plans are greater than my understanding, and I trust that my obedience, whether seen or unseen, contributes to Your kingdom.

In Jesus' name, I pray.


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